Anxiety sucks major balls. I’ve had the honour of learning to live with it for as long as I can remember, (read part one of my blog series, “My Journey with Anxiety” here).

I am currently going through a tough time at the moment, which has left me with ol’ mate anxiety, rearing his not so attractive head again. So I’m getting out my trusty tools and doing ‘all the things’, to ensure I keep it in-check.

I thought I’d share with you what those things are, just incase you are also going through a tough time too <3

1. Reach out. I have let a few of my close friends know that I’m going through a tough time, so I have a good network of support around me incase I need to talk, or even just to have people check-in on me to make sure I’m ok. It is VITAL that at least one person knows that you are not ok.

2. I watch my diet. YES, I’d love to devour a tub of cookies n’ cream ice-cream right now, but I know that if I do, I will feel worse. Anxiety is a lack of control of a situation, so the more control I have over the things that I CAN control, (such as what I put in my mouth), the better. Plus, we all know that when we eat well, we feel well.

3. OILS. Of course. My go-to oils when I am feeling like this, are Frankincense, Copaiba and Lavender Peace.

FRANKI I apply on ALL my pulse points, on my 3rd eye chakra AND my heart chakra (I also carry a bottle with me so I can smell it throughout the day), a few times per day.

Copaiba I drop under my tongue (just one drop) in the morning and at night (this also supports my immune system too, which lowers when I’m feeling like this).

And Lavender Peace; I ensure I have 4 drops of this diffusing in my room when I fall asleep at night.


4. Exercise. Even if it’s just a daily walk with the pram and the dog, getting the body moving helps to keep that uncomfortable feeling in my stomach, and those negative thoughts, at bay. I’m actually stating F45 tomorrow (eeeeek), so I’m looking forward to getting into that. Strong in the body, strong in the mind (thats the plan anyway!!)

5. Nature. Sunshine. Fresh Air. I get out there and I get some. We are a part of Mother Earth. Our energies are directly connected, so if you are feeling low; go outside, sit in the sun, walk on the grass or beach and get some fresh air into your lungs. Or better yet, go for a swim in the ocean (I’m going to go tomorrow arvo).

Mother Earth will always have your back.

And just remember, beautiful, that these moments will pass (I can’t bloody wait!!)

Thank you for reading,

Erin xo