Yesterday I reached a goal in my little business, that I had been working towards for 16 months. Not only does it mean that I will now be earning about 2.5 times more money than I was before, it also signifies the start of a new chapter for me.

Many of you know my journey of being a single mum begun when GG was only 4 months old. She is now 20 months old, and I can proudly say that the hurt, the pain, the worry and the uncertainty is finally behind me, and the excitement, the stability and our new chapter has officially begun.

The month of my marriage breakdown was the last time I had ranked within my business, so I had been working towards hitting the rank of “Silver” for 16 months now. It took me longer than most, because of the demons I was battling relating to my self-confidence and self-worth, and of course the time constrains of raising a baby on my own, studying to be a Naturopath, and dealing with all that a separation entails.

But I did it. I fucking did it. And I couldn’t be more prouder than myself.

But I haven’t gotten here alone. This is the collective effort of every single person in my team. Every single one of you. This is the collective effort of every single person who has ever liked, commented or shared my posts on social media. And this is the collective effort of my dear friends and family who have supported me, and held me during what has been the hardest time of my life. You know who you all are, and I love you all so very much.

But, this is only the beginning. There are many more mountains to climb within this business, and I am fully prepared and ready to climb every single one of them. Watch this space…

Thank you, doTERRA for allowing me the freedom, flexibility and now the money to be able to do a job that I absolutely, whole-heartedly love, while allowing me the time and the constant presence to do the most important job in the entire universe; be her mother.

Onwards and upwards <3