$25 Naturopathy Consultations – in person and via telehealth.


UNTIL THE END OF JUNE 2024, you can book with me for a $25 Naturopathic consult at Endeavour Wellness Clinic, located in sunny Southport, Gold Coast., or via telehealth Australia wide.


My areas of interest are:

  • Women 35+
  • Anxiety & Insomnia.
  • Perimenopause & Menopause.
  • Gut health.
  • Weight loss for health.
  • Cardiovascular Disease.
  • Metabolic Syndrome.


As a 4th year Naturopathy student, all of my consults will be supervised by a qualified and experienced Naturopath, and all treatment recommendations need to be approved by them first. There will also be another student Naturopath in the consultation.

For only $25, you will get a 90 minute consult which will include*:

🌱 A thorough, deep-dive into your symptoms to address the root cause of what is going on for you (please note that getting to the root cause of an issue could take multiple appointments).

🌱 A physical assessment including nail and tongue analysis, blood pressure/vital signs, BIA, etc.

🌱 I can arrange any functional testing as required (blood tests, gut tests, hair mineral analysis). These are at an additional cost.
🌱 Personalised herbal medicine, nutritional supplementation, and flower essences. All at an additional cost.

🌱 You will be provided with a short-term treatment plan to work on improving your symptoms and a long-term treatment plan to address the underlying causes of your issue(s).

*Follow up appointments are 60 minutes and are also $25.

I will be working in the clinic on Tuesdays from 8am – 4:30pm and Fridays from 8am – 12pm.

To make an appointment, please fill out the form below and I will be in contact with you at my earliest convenience.

The clinic is located at Endeavour College, which you can find at:

Level 2, 121 Scarborough St. Southport. There is plenty of parking nearby.

If you have any questions at all, do not hesitate to contact me. X

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    Monica Parvin

    Erin and I have worked together in a number of capacities over the last 10 years. Firstly she was a customer of mine in the finance industry, then she came to be an employee in the same business, and now I am a customer of hers with both Balance with Nature and her VA business Erin has always had a very high level of attention to detail, she maintains an exceptional level of professionalism, and has a strong work ethic.She has the initiative to think for herself, and get the job done without asking too many questions. She can be trusted to get on with the job at hand, and produce a great result.The first thing about her that I came to love was her super fast responses to emails! She also anticipates what I may need, and lets me know she's on top of it. This is very important to me, being time poor. She is dedicated, loyal, honest, hard working, and an asset to any team or business she becomes involved in. I strongly recommend Erin to anyone needing her help, and I am happy to discuss further if required

    Monica Parvin Owner, Romley Estate