My guiding word for 2024 is ‘boundaries’.
Having boundaries plays a pivotal role in self-care and regulating your nervous system. You can do all the meditations, ice baths, deep breathing in the world – but if your boundaries are not locked into place, there’s only so much these incredible tools can deliver.
For me, boundaries looks like:
🌱allowing a pause before making decisions.
🌱allowing a pause before responding to messages (being ok with not responding to people right away).
🌱spending only 1 hour per day on social media.
🌱phone down at 6pm.
🌱no phone < 1 hour of waking.
🌱continue to be ok with saying no to things that will not serve me.
🌱no alcohol for the remainder of my degree (none at all – I need my nervous system to be as good as it can be, and despite having a good control over my intake, it can still give me anxiety).
🌱continue to only surround myself with people who are good for my mental health and well being.
🌱allowing as many ‘pauses’ through my day as I can. To breath and not be “on”.
This 3 week break has really shown me the impact being on social media has on my nervous system. Constantly checking my phone at every downtime (traffic lights, waiting in line, watching something boring, in an Uber, basically anytime I’m not engaged with someone, I’ll check it), does not allow my mind and body to ever just stop and relax. That ‘pause’ no longer exists – and we need that pause to regulate our nervous system. We need that pause to allow space in our mind to not be “on”.
I invite you to reflect on how many times during the day you allow yourself to pause. To daydream. To just be with yourself. Is this something you could bring back into your day too?
I’d also love to know your word or intention for 2024…