I’ll keep this blog as short as humanly possible…

doTERRA is bloody everywhere at the moment. It’s enough to turn you off it!

Yep, that’s what I thought too. Until I fell in love… with the oils, and the company itself.

My passion for Essential Oils (EO) started when I was 17 years old. I was doing my Beauty Therapy course, and aromatherapy was one of the subjects I needed to learn. EO’s feature in a lot of skincare products that I came in contact with over my 15 years in the beauty industry. So little by little, my knowledge and love for essential oils grew.

They have always been there for me! Through pesky pimples, to helping me through my anxiety and insomnia in 2015. They are reliable, they are effective and best of all… they are from mother nature herself 🙂

Fast forward to April 2016, I find myself studying full-time to be a Naturopath, and pregnant. I am making no money for myself (which sucks MAJOR balls!) and I feel like my mind has not been put to good use.

So I started to look for ways I could make some extra cash at home. I started a little Instagram page and blog to talk about all things natural and healthy… and through that stumbled upon the idea of selling EO’s…

I loved them, I knew them, I trusted them, I used them and they fit perfectly with Naturopathy and my business name, “Balance with Nature.” So I thought… why the hell not?!

Long story VERY short, I looked at three different EO companies, all were very good. But I ended up choosing doTERRA for four main reasons:

– The quality of their oils were far more superior than any other oil I have ever come in contact with.

– doTERRA do MAGNIFICENT work through their organisation, “Helping Hands”. Google it if you like. What they give back to the world brought tears to my eyes.

– The doTERRA community. I cannot begin to tell you how amazing, supportive and loving the organisation and the people that are in it, are. I feel like I am part of something really special.

– The potential to make serious cash. Yep… if you want to, you can make a sh*tload of money from doTERRA. So I thought it was the perfect job to have whilst studying and being a mummy. It’s flexible, it’s easy, there is ZERO pressure, ZERO commitment, you can do as little or as much as your heart (and time) desires! AND I get to play with, and recommend a product that I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

SO, there you have it!

I am on the doTERRA bandwagon, and I freaking love it!!!

So, if you are wanting more info on doTERRA, or if you are keen on buying oils from me, click on my doTERRA website, here

OR, if you are keen on jumping on the doTERRA bandwagon alongside me, and starting your own little flexible, lucrative business, email me here for more info.

Thanks so much for reading, it means the world to me!

Erin xo