I have used my beautiful and expensive “J’dore” perfume that I have worn since I was 16, a total of ONCE in the last 17 months! And I got the biggest headache of my life, thanks very much :/

Oh the smell of it is divine, but since learning the crap that’s actually in it, and what it’s potentially doing to my body, it just aint worth it!!! #soznotsoz

So just a quickie on fragrances…

These pretty, beautifully packaged and VERY EXPENSIVE perfumes and colognes contain parabens, phthalates and synthetic musks that may cause hormone disruption, reproductive problems AND possibly cancer. And the average perfume/cologne contains 14 chemicals that are NOT disclosed on the label (the exact ingredients in synthetic fragrances are protected as, “trade secrets” and therefore do not have to be disclosed on the label).


So I have THREE essential oils that I use as my “pure-fume”, depending where I’m going. I get a lot of comments on how lovely I smell too <3 And the best part is, rather than negatively affecting my body, they are providing incredible emotional support too. WINNING!

JASMINE – OMG! Jasmine is my new fave fragrance. This is the one I wear if I have something big on… a wedding or a date, for example. Jasmine is the, “Oil of Sexual Purity & Balance” (bahaha), and promotes healthy sexuality, pure intentions, innocence, self-acceptance, trust and safety <3 Um, YES PLEASE!!!

ELEVATION – If you could bottle joy and use it as a fragrance, it would be Elevation. This blend is amaaaaaazing and always gets comments when I wear it. It’s like my middle of the road fragrance; night out with the girls, going to the movies, that kind of thing.

Elevation is actually known as “the joyful blend”, and contains Lavender, Sandalwood, Tangerine, Melissa and Ylang Ylang. It promotes joyfulness, brightness, optimism, cheerfulness and abundance. Um, what else could you really want?!!!

YLANG YLANG – This actually smells like flowers. It smells BEAUTIFUL, and again, always gets the comments when I wear it. This is more of my “day to day” fragrance… if Im meeting up with a friend for coffee, going to the shops, etc, etc.

Yang Ylang is known as, “The Oil of the Inner Child”, and promotes a playful, free and innocent heart. It also helps us to be emotionally connected and helps us to connect with our intuition. Sounds good to me!

I apply my ‘pure-fume’ on my pulse points and on my clothing (I feel like it lasts longer if its on my clothes?). Keep in mind that because it doesn’t have the alcohol and crap, it doesn’t last as long, so I always take my oil with me to reapply throughout the day/night.

So ditch your nasty and expensive perfumes, and opt for something that not only smells AMAAAAZING, but is good for you too xo