I am 28 weeks today… at the end of my second trimester… Yipee!! Not long now little Cletus 🙂

I’m another 6 kilos up in weight (so a total of 12 kilos now), and you know what, I am TOTALLY OK with that.

Ladies who are stressed about how much weight you’re putting on with pregnancy… please stop worrying. Be kind to yourself now, and love your body for the amazing thing it is doing… you are growing a human! A lot of woman don’t have this incredible privilege, or are struggling with it. So love your body, be grateful for your body and as long as you are feeding your body with healthy, nutritious food and exercising (if you’re able to), then don’t worry x

Right, so the second trimester has been so different to the first trimester in so many ways.

Here are my top 5 things that are BETTER than the first trimester:

1. I actually look preggers now, and not just fat!! I popped out a little around week 18 (everyone is different with when they start to show).

2. The baby kicks!!! 🙂 This must be the best thing about being pregnant… feeling life inside you is SUCH a gift and a blessing. I never get tired of it. From memory, I think I started feeling kicks around 17 weeks or so. And they get stronger, and stronger… so awesome!

3. My outtie belly button. Yep… it’s out and proud! It makes me laugh haha

4. My fingernails. I have actually received a few comments on how nice my nails are 🙂 so shiny, smooth and strong!

5. I feel good. The tiredness and the nausea from the first trimester are long gone. I feel back to myself again (apart from the whole being preggers thing).

And here are my top 5 things that aren’t quite as good (but don’t really bother me):

1. SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction). In other words, it feels like someone has kicked me in the fanny with a steel capped boot on. IT HURTS!! I think from around week 23 I started getting REALLY bad pains around my pelvis. To the point where it is difficult to walk, and lift my legs up! One morning I woke up, and could hardly walk… I rang Tweed Hospital to speak to a midwife about it, and she said to come in for observation. I saw a midwife and an OB and both confirmed that I had SPD… which basically means that all my ligaments and muscles down there have moved and have put everything out. So I stopped my yoga, I stopped my daily walking, I had baths everyday, I massaged Lavender Essential Oil into the area to relieve the pain (please be careful what sort of Lavender you use when pregnant… please contact me if you have any questions) and I just RESTED. REST IS KEY! After about 3 weeks, I came pretty good again, and am now able to walk for 30 minutes a day (much slower than before). I start back at Yoga next week, and will be taking it VERY easy (I don’t want to stretch those muscles too much!) It still hurts, but it’s tolerable, and I know my limits now (listen to your body!)

2. Funky looking nipples. GOD DAMN… they are HUUUUUGE! They scare me bahahaha

3. Still can’t drink alcohol. Yep. Its shit.

4. It’s getting harder to sleep. BUT, I bought myself a Belly Bean (Google them, they are awesome). It helps you lie on your side, and gives a good amount of support on your tummy and back. Highly recommend them.

5. I HAVE TO WEE ALL THE BLOODY TIME! Two nights ago I got up 7 TIMES!! How on earth I carry that much wee is beyond me?! On average I get up around 4 times a night. I luckily fall straight back to sleep… for now.

Apart from that, Cletus is healthy and kicking like a champ. I passed my Glucose test with flying colours, and all my other examinations and tests are coming back perfect. The nursery is underway (will post pics in my third trimester blog), and my baby shower plans are pretty much done! (Only 4 weeks away… I’ll be 32 weeks for my shower).

I have also started my Hypnobirthing classes with my not so impressed husband… bloody men! I sometimes wish they had the ability to have kids too… there’s your answer to world peace right there!

BUT, woman were given this gift for a reason… cause we are tough!!! And we are strong!

I love being pregnant xo