Oh, hi there!

This is my very first blog post. EVER. So please bear with me while I figure this out!

It is currently 9:21pm on a Friday night. My husband, Donovan is watching the footy (whilst “multi-tasking” on Facebook), and my beautiful lil mate, Albert is panting on the lounge next to me (here he is in the photo. He’s a beautiful, kind man). I have my comfy, baggy arsed trackies on, and my stained Michelle Bridges jumper from Target. Looking hot… Donovan is a lucky man.

I am almost through a whole bottle of non-alcoholic wine (yes… I am pregnant. And I miss wine. Desperately. Only 160 days to go :/) See a picture of the bottle, below. “Miranda Summer Fresh Shiraz” $9 from First Choice Liquor. It’s not too shabby. It looks like wine… it sort of, kind of smells like wine (mind you, I wouldn’t rely too heavily on my sense of smell at the moment), aaaaaaaand… it tastes like grape juice :/


However, the good news is that studies in France have shown that artificially lowering the alcohol content of alcohol doesn’t remove any of the antioxidants beneficial for cardiovascular health. So that’s good news!! The bad news is, removing alcohol takes away the beautiful aromas (which add to the beautiful taste), and the good tannins (which adds to the body of the wine).

Double damn.

I hold no judgement against other mumma’s who have a glass of “real” wine or two during their pregnancy. I have a few friends who drank a little through their pregnancy, and their babies turned out perfectly fine, But for me, I have chosen not to… purely because it just doesn’t feel right to me. You gotta trust that feeling.

So to all the pregnant mamma’s out there, or people who don’t want to drink alcohol, definitely give the non-alcoholic wine a go. I know Dan Murphy’s sells a couple of different brands too.

Happy non-drinking xoxo