Have a look at the ingredients on the back of your baby products. I dare you.

Yep, I don’t know what half of them are either! But I do know that some of them can cause skin irritations and can be quite harmful to our precious bubbas! Such as the unnecessary fragrances, the toxic contaminants and by-products that can be carcinogenic, the cheap petroleum by-products, the hormone disruptive parabens, and the harsh “anti-bacterial” ingredients that can be over stripping and cause all sorts of sensitivities.

Not to mention the price tag that goes with them!!! :/

The truth is, our baby’s skin is much better off with minimal intervention. Keep. It. Simple.

Why mess with perfection? <3

So I opted to make all of my own products for my bub, using Essential Oils 🙂

Safe. Simple. Effective. Cheap.

Below is a list of oils I personally use on my baby girl, and HIGHLY recommend you do too <3

LAVENDERdoTERRA’s Lavender essential oil works out at 13 cents per drop. I use Lavender in the following ways:

– 1-2 drops in her Petal Diffuser each night, to help with sleep

– In her home made body wash

– In her “bum blend”. Forget Sudocream! I blend Lavender with Tea Tree oil and Fractionated Coconut Oil, and apply after each change, and not ONCE has she had nappy rash!!!

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TEA TREEdoTERRA’s Tea Tree essential oil works out at 12 cents per drop. I use Tea Tree oil in the following ways:

– With Lavender in bubs, “bum blend”

– Any cuts, abrasions or bites. I ALWAYS dilute first – 1 drop of essential oil, to 10 mls of carrier oil

– Ear aches/infections. Dilute 1:10, and apply behind bubs ear every few hours when they have sore ears. NOTE: NEVER drop essential oils into the ear

CYPRESS, LEMON AND CEDARWOOD – Sick bubba? The three of these oils together, create an effective and gentle blend, that when applied topically, is wonderfully support for their little immune system.

In a 10 ml roller bottle, put 1 drop of each oil in first and top it up with fractionated coconut oil, then apply up and down bubs spine and the bottoms of their feet, three times daily when they’re unwell.

Cypress is 10 cents per drop, Lemon is 6 cents per drop, and Cedarwood is 8 cents per drop! Super cheap!!!

WHITE FIR/SIBERIAN FIR – Teething. Need I say more…

So when teething strikes, I blend 1 drop of White Fir (which is being replaced with Siberian Fir), and 1 drop of Lavender, in a 10ml roller bottle, topped with fractionated coconut oil, and apply on the jawline as often as required. I also like to apply to the bottom of bubs feet, just for that added support!

White Fir is 12 cents per drop.

EUCALYPTUS – This oil is amazing for respiratory support. Incredibly effective when they have a blocked up nose or any type of chest/nasal congestion. When my baby is sick, I apply 1-2 drops in her diffuser while she sleeps, and I’ve found she always sleeps more peacefully 🙂

Eucalyptus is 9 cents per drop.

As mentioned above, please always dilute your oils when applying topically on your baby. A general dilution guide for babies under 2 years of age, is 1 drop of essential oil, to 10 mls of carrier oil, such as doETRRA’s Fractionated Coconut Oil.

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Thank you so much for reading xo