When I made the decision to become part of Erin’s 2 week Balance with Nature Meditation challenge, I felt excited but also strangely nervous. I’m a mum to 3 young boys aged 1, 2 and 4, plus I work from home around my children as the Creative Director for Rolling Stone Australia, so to give up time for something like this everyday, felt more like another thing added to the to do list. But Erin explained it perfectly with her introduction, ‘you can not get this wrong, taking a moment for yourself, your brain, will actually save you time later’. She explained the different types of brain waves and to me this hooked me in, and I had an AHA moment. Functioning on my normal beta brain waves which is busy busy, very active can actually make me less productive, less creative and fatigue more even with enough sleep… leaving me reaching for coffee, sugar, wine to get me through the week.

So I took on the challenge of allowing myself 20 minutes everyday to meditate; I did it at my desk, when I woke, in my car at kindy pickup.

1 month on and I feel it’s something I NEED to do; I look forward to it and I get energy from it. It helps me be a better parent, and more focused with work.

What I loved about Erin’s practice, was how it was spelt out for me. So simple to follow and it all made sense. The continued support means all the difference as well. Thank you, Erin!

Katie Taylor